Thynk Health Among “Best Companies to Work For 2022”

Excerpt from CIO Review: Best Companies to Work For 2022 – Thynk Health: Fighting Lung Cancer by Advancing Outdated, Burdensome Lung Cancer Screening Processes – CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Constant Refinement in Process and Work Culture

As the business expands, hire the best employees at the best time while still taking financial constraints into account. The finest growth cultures are created by people with high will and high talent. As the DeFacto benchmark in the healthcare IT (Information Technology) industry for corporate incidental findings and lung cancer screening management, Thynk Health defines success.

The staff at Thynk Health is aware of the value of dependable professionals with actual industry expertise. After all, a group of radiologists who wanted to improve cancer screening’s shortcomings and boost survival rates created the organization. The management makes significant investments in seasoned team members and works hard to build a fantastic culture that will draw in and retain the best team possible to help patients.

In the past year, Thynk Health has grown year-over-year revenues by 325% and increased its client base to over 120 hospitals nationwide.

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