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Thynk Health to collect and submit the ACR’s new COVID-19 data elements

May 27, 2020, Lexington, KY: COVID-19 has created new challenges for lung cancer screening programs, in many cases, delaying screenings by several months and creating more difficulty for administrative and scheduling teams.  

Thynk Health’s lung cancer solution tracks all screening follow-up and downstream follow-up appointments. Utilizing worklists, our solution prevents patients from falling through the cracks and ensures the success of lung cancer screening programs post COVID-19.

In addition to Thynk Health’s current solution, we are adding the ability to collect and submit six new COVID-19-related data elements that have been added by the ACR. This feature will be available at no additional cost and is expected to be released at the end of June 2020. 

In response to many facilities postponing non-essential exams due to COVID restrictions, the ACR has released an update to the NRDR screening registries (National Mammography Database, CT Colonography Registry, and Lung Cancer Screening Registry). These new data elements have also been added to investigate a potential relationship between COVID-19 diagnosis and lung cancer. 

Three new fields will allow sites to indicate the following:

  • that an exam was delayed/rescheduled 
  • the original date scheduled
  • the reason for reschedule (particularly if the reason was COVID-related)

For LCSR participants, there are three additional fields added to capture the following:

  • if the patient has a COVID-19 diagnosis
  • the date of diagnosis 
  • testing results

Thynk Health will actively support the six data elements added by the ACR. Healthcare organizations utilizing Thynk Health’s solution will now have the ability to collect and submit the COVID-19 data elements directly to the ACR.

By creating a platform to readily collect and submit this data to the ACR, we have a unique opportunity to observe an emerging infectious disease and better understand the impact that COVID-19 may have on the registry screening populations and lung cancer.

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