MedMyne [Thynk Health] joins the Epic App Orchard

Update: MedMyne changed to Thynk Health as of 10/12/2018.

MedMyne announces the launch of its lung cancer screening management platform, LungMyne, in the Epic App Orchard.

Lexington, K.Y. – February 25, 2018 – MedMyne, the developer of LungMyne, a complete lung cancer screening management platform, is pleased to announce its launch in the Epic App Orchard, where it will integrate easily with Epic’s existing EHR platform.

LungMyne leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning technology to make lung cancer screening programs more powerful, efficient and effective. Automated recommendations feed into a user dashboard that easily facilitates follow-up, minimizes missed follow-up examinations and tracks incidental pulmonary nodule management. LungMyne automates manual processes like data abstraction, data entry, patient communication and ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry submissions, allowing clinical teams to focus on improving patient care navigation and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

“Our mission is to make cancer screening more powerful, efficient, and effective. LungMyne’s unique features use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to improve screening program results. Now that it is in the Epic App Orchard, it’s easier than ever to integrate into your platform,” says Joey Bargo, M.D., MedMyne’s Chief Clinical Informaticist.

LungMyne’s features include automated data collection and ACR LCSR submissions, Advanced Analytics, Patient Engagement Tools, Provider Engagement Tools, and Center of Excellence quality measures tracking. Visit more information.

About MedMyne

MedMyne delivers a complete electronic healthcare records (EHR) data collection and mining solution to provide affordable, accurate, and efficient insights to healthcare organizations.

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