Uniquely suited for the mobile environment, Thynk Health offers the ability to manage and track complex medical care to increase accessibility of screenings  

[07/27/2020], Lexington, KYThe CEO Publication, a print and digital platform featuring the industry experts who have created ripples across various areas of expertise has acknowledged Jeff Timbrook, CEO of Thynk Health among the “Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020ʺ transforming the healthcare industry with unique solutions. Under Timbrook’s leadership, Thynk Health automates cancer screening programs using advanced technologies to identify and screen at-risk populations, track patients, automatically track nodules, and communicate with patients and providers, making cancer screening programs more effective and efficient.

Jeff Timbrook, CEO of Thynk Health said, “Thynk Health has emerged as the clear technology leader with a powerful platform and thought leadership from an experienced healthcare technology team. As we continue to partner with major healthcare systems and initiatives on population health, we are poised to rapidly grow our solutions reach, which means earlier identification of cancer across the US, and more lives saved every day.”

Thynk Health is fighting lung cancer by working with healthcare organizations and communities to disrupt outdated, burdensome lung cancer screening processes and remove barriers standing between patients and treatment. Their sophisticated software solution transforms healthcare data systems to identify at-risk populations for screening, enabling early detection, and treatment to save lives. Automated data entry and ACR submission, nodule tracking, and other advanced features work together to deliver a complete cancer screening solution that enables cancer screening program growth while improving patient outcomes.

“Today, the Thynk Health platform uses deep machine learning and recurrent neural networks to automate the data entry and data collection processes, thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of lung cancer screening programs at hospital systems around the nation, helping more hospitals screen, diagnose and treat more at-risk patients. It is an honor to recognize Jeff Timbrook, CEO of Thynk Health, as one among the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2020 who is a true inspiration,” said Adam Patrick, Managing Editor of The CEO Publication.

About The CEO Publication

The CEO Publication, a print and digital platform featuring the industry experts who have created ripples across various areas of expertise. The CEO Publication has become a pioneering magazine owing to its unique coverage of news, articles, and industry leaders concentrating on transforming various arenas. https://www.theceomag.com

About Thynk Health

The Thynk Health platform optimizes data-driven workflows and provides operational and clinical analytics for lung cancer screening programs and other quality initiatives. Thynk Health’s Lung Module automatically identifies patients at risk for lung cancer, automates patient data and ACR submission, automates patient communications, automates tracking of incidental findings, engages providers, provides actionable LCS reports and offers pulmonary nodule tracking. Thynk Health is EHR agnostic and integrates with existing hospital systems (EHR, DICOM, PACS, scheduling, and more). Learn more at thynkhealth.com

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