Thynk Health is on a mission to save lives by disrupting outdated, burdensome lung cancer screening processes without disrupting provider workflow. Using deep learning, Thynk Health hyper-automates the tracking of patient nodules within an entire population of patients.

Automate LDCT Screening Without Disrupting Provider Workflow


Identify & Screen More At-Risk Patients

Thynk Health’s LDCT Module integrates with your existing hospital systems (EHR, DICOM, PACS, scheduling, and more) to extract critical data from patient health records. Analyzing patient demographics and medical history, the Thynk Health LDCT module flags patients at a higher risk of lung cancer and reports findings to providers. Those eligible for lung cancer screenings can be automatically notified via custom mailings and communications. LEARN MORE

Automate Patient Data Entry and ACR Submission

With just one click, automatically populate all ACR Registry submission fields and deliver to the ACR without disrupting physician workflow. Thynk Health’s lung cancer screening solution works with any EHR, to remove unnecessary manual data entry and automate workflows and patient communications. LEARN MORE

Automated Patient Communications

Provide education, screening results, appointment, and screening eligibility reminders designed to improve patient care and retention without expanding your workload. LEARN MORE

Nodule Nav

Thynk Health processes radiology reports, extracting number of nodules, nodule size, location, and nodule characteristics. Combined with patient age and history. The clinical team will be able to automatically track nodule changes within each appointment, flag nodules for follow-up, and recommend next steps. All of this is accomplished via artificial intelligence, allowing radiologists to keep traditional workflow in place and require no additional work. LEARN MORE

Provider Engagement

Engage providers in your screening program by sharing important information like the number of their patients eligible for lung cancer screenings and the number of lung cancer screenings ordered. LEARN MORE

Patient Tracking

Increase the effectiveness of your lung cancer screening program with automated tracking of incidental findings, missed appointments, overdue annual screenings, and overdue follow-up, diagnostic procedures. Prevent patients from falling through the cracks of complex healthcare systems by ensuring they are flagged and followed-up with at critical points in their health journey. LEARN MORE



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Increase in lung cancer screening volume by one customer after one year without increasing staff
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Nurse navigator time saved per patient through automated data abstraction, eliminated manual data entry, tedious ACR submission, & patient communication
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Revenue generated per Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screen, according to the Cleveland Clinic


Thynk Health partners with healthcare organizations to improve lung cancer screening programs, decrease administrative workload, increase hospital revenue, and create healthier communities.

Thynk Health partners with you to achieve a healthier population in your community through lung cancer education, eligibility identification, and lung cancer screening outreach programs.

Focused on improving (and minimizing) your data workflow without disrupting your provider routines and processes

Thynk Health drives lung cancer screening program growth and patient retention through automation. At the same time, Thynk Health’s solution reduces administrative and manual data entry workloads allowing your program to scale grow in size and revenue without costly overhead.

Increased lung cancer screenings, means more early diagnosis and improved survivability rates for your community. With automatic reminders and follow-up reporting, Thynk Health prevents patients from slipping through the cracks. Providers can spend more time with patients and less time on manual data entry, overall improving patient care and outcomes.

Our Epic App integration means there is no installation or start-up time. The Thynk Health application is delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription and does not require IT resources for maintenance or support. Once committed, the system is up and running in days, and results are immediate. LEARN MORE

Monthly and quarterly reports provide operational and quality analytics, yielding quality feedback for continued improvement. 

Thynk Health is available for subscription purchase or with a revenue-sharing model. While providing a quality product, we are also considerate of your inherent costs and have programs to fit all needs.

The Thynk Health platform optimizes data-driven workflows and provides operational and clinical analytics for lung cancer screening programs and other quality initiatives.

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