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Finally, a fully automated solution that doesn't disrupt your workflow.


A Powerful, Automated, and Scalable Cancer Screening Solution


Seamless integration with any EHR and health systems to comb through structured and unstructured data using deep machine learning. Patients meeting at-risk criteria are flagged and communication workflows triggered.


Fully customizable communications for providers and patients are built into workflows to ensure no patient slips through the cracks. Communications include eligibility notice, result letters, reminders, certified letters, provider in-baskets, provider faxes and more.


ACR Registry submission fields are automatically populated and deliver to the ACR with just one click. Reduce time spent on ACR submissions from 25 minutes per patient to 25 seconds.


Engage providers in your cancer screening program by communicating critical informationlike the number of patients eligible for screenings, the number of screenings ordered, and analytic reports.


Prevent patients from falling through the cracks of complex healthcare systems by ensuring they are automatically flagged and followed-up with at critical points in their health journey. 


Thynk Health’s simple dashboard captures quality and operational data, providing healthcare systems with intelligence to drive volume, better patient outcomes, and improve operational efficiency.

“One of the great things that Thynk Health has provided us has been monthly feedback. Having objective feedback that tells us what’s working and what’s not working has been key to us making decisions not just at a yearly level, but at a monthly level. Each month we get on the phone, they come on site, and look at our data critically, constantly looking for opportunities. Without that type of data analysis you don’t really know what you’re doing well and what needs to change. In order to implement the lung cancer screening programs the quickest, you almost need to be able to make those decisions on a monthly basis.”
Rob Headrick
Dr. Robert Headrick
Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Regional Hospital


A Powerful, Automated, and Scalable Cancer Screening Solution

Improve follow up care with automated tracking of patient nodules within a lung cancer screening program. Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence to read radiology reports, Thynk Health extracts nodule information:

Empower your cancer screening program with the most advanced and accurate technology available.


Thynk Health’s powerful technology delivers big results to healthcare systems across the U.S.

One health system increased lung cancer screening volume by 106.9% in their first year of utilizing Thynk Health’s LDCT Module without adding staff or increasing administrative workload.

At MercyOne Des Moines, enhanced patient identification and automation has translated into tremendous growth in the MercyOne Lung Cancer Screening, Incidental Pulmonary Nodule, and Lung Cancer Program with a 76.2% increase in the number of new patients undergoing screening from 2018 to 2019.

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At MercyOne Des Moines, the  increase in patient screenings led to a 86.7 percent increase in cancer detection, with 28 cases of lung cancer detected in 2019 compared to 15 cases in 2018.  

Most importantly, of the 28 lung cancers diagnosed in 2019, 50 percent were detected in the early stage, and thus potentially curable lung cancers.

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Nurse navigators reported time spent on manual data entry, ACR submission, and patient communication was reduced from 25 minutes per patient to less than 1 minute. For one healthcare organization this resulted in an estimated 86 days of employee time saved that would have been spent manually inputting data. 

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According to costs provided by the Clevelan Clinic for LDCT Lung Cancer Screening, one healthcare system added $624,188 in revenue from increased screenings in their first year.

"2019 was the most successful year the MercyOne Lung Cancer Screening, Pulmonary Nodule Program, and Lung Cancer Clinic has had. Everyone involved in the Program believes that in 2020 we will be able to care for even more patients with lung cancers and pulmonary nodules with our unique, efficient, compassionate, state-of-the-art program that places patients and their families at the center of everything we do."
Neil Horning, MD, FACP, FCCP
Medical Director MercyOne Des Moines Lung Cancer Screening Program


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The Thynk Health platform optimizes data-driven workflows and provides operational and clinical analytics for lung cancer screening programs and other quality initiatives.

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