Complete Epic’s Lung Cancer Screening Module with Thynk Health’s Automation


Our Lung Cancer Screening Module is a plug and play solution that integrates easily with Epic’s existing EHR platform. Automated recommendations feed into a user dashboard that easily facilitates follow-up, minimizes missed follow-up examinations, and tracks incidental findings management. Thynk Health automates manual processes like data abstraction, data entry, patient communication, and ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry submissions, allowing clinical teams to focus on improving patient care navigation and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

How Thynk Health Compliments Epic's Lung Cancer Screening Module

Thynk Health Specifications

Functional Areas
Patient Engagement,  Reporting & Analytics

Epic Versions
Epic 2014, Epic 2015, Epic 2017, Epic 2018, August 2018, November 2018

Caboodle Versions
Caboodle V15, Caboodle V16

Thynk Health leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technology to make your screening program more powerful, efficient and effective. Automated recommendations feed into a user dashboard that easily facilitates follow-up, minimizes missed follow-up examinations and tracks incidental findings management.

Thynk Health’s advanced NLP and ML technology augments Epic’s 2017 Lung Cancer Screening Module enabling organizations to normalize text and data input from disparate reports, minimizing the need to disrupt, alter, and spend resources changing staff workflows. This technology offers relief from manual abstraction of elements like Lung-RADS, as well as identifies significant incidental findings in reports and presents those to the appropriate management dashboard.

Thynk Health also provides referring provider engagement and outreach tools and advanced program analytics. Use automatic letter generation to communicate test results to patients and providers, notify patients of upcoming screening examinations, and even notify patients or providers that they meet eligibility requirements. Automatically stay in touch with patients that failed to schedule their screening and send follow-up communications to prevent patients from falling through the cracks.

Steps to enable application:
1. Provide Thynk Health with Caboodle credentials
2. White list Thynk Health IPs to accept requests / queries, and the SQL Server URL endpoint.
3. Interfaces for radiology reports and DICOM may be needed

Thynk Health Interoperability Using Kit & Caboodle

Leveraging Kit,  a gateway to secure, scalable, and consistent data integration with third-party analytics vendors, Thynk Health can provide standard queries compatible out-of-the-box with any Epic community member’s system and provide them directly to you.

Standard Data Model

  • Consistent data model across all community members
  • Shareable extracts and applications
  • Version compatibility

Reduced Costs

  • Vendors develop plug and play products
  • Less time wiring applications and extracts
  • Less retesting during upgrades


  • Extracts only have access to Kit data
  • Monitor queries via auditing
  • Revoke vendor access at any time

Included in Caboodle

Kit is part of Caboodle, Epic’s enterprise data warehouse, and provides standardized data elements from your Epic system. With Kit, you can use tools and products developed by vendors knowing they will work with Epic’s standard data model. Potential uses for Kit include:

  • Standard extracts to decision support systems or external analytics platforms 
  • Data extraction to registries 
  • Submission of files to benchmarking vendors 
  • Applications or algorithms from third parties

App Orchard
Vendors join Epic’s App Orchard program to receive access to the Kit data model documentation, sandbox, training, and support. You can find their products or list your own on the App Orchard marketplace available to the entire Epic community at or contact for more information.

Available Now
Kit is included in Caboodle version 16, available now, and is part of your Caboodle product license. Caboodle version 16 is compatible with Epic 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, August 2018, and November 2018.

The Thynk Health platform optimizes data-driven workflows and provides operational and clinical analytics for lung cancer screening programs and other quality initiatives.

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