Shine A Light on Lung Cancer

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For 12 months of the year our focus, at Thynk Health, is on defeating lung cancer with advanced technology to identify and screen more at-risk patients, detecting lung cancer earlier when survival rates are far higher. We help hospitals track patients through their screening and treatment processes and easily communicate test results and appointment notifications to ensure patients receive the best possible care. All year we reflect on numbers like 142,670 American deaths from lung cancer last year, 9 million Americans at-risk currently, and only 3 percent will be screened. We challenge ourselves each day to change those statistics by partnering with healthcare organizations and communities to make a difference. 

When Lung Cancer Awareness Month arrives in November, the world begins reflecting on these numbers with us and as the conversation about Lung Cancer grows, we experience a more informed general public, which leads to more screenings, increased early diagnosis, higher survival rates, and more years with the people we love. So this November we want to give a shout out to an organization working hard to move the conversation forward and make a big difference in lung cancer. 

The GO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer was founded by patients and survivors and is dedicated to extending, and improving the lives of those vulnerable, at risk, and diagnosed with lung cancer. They work to increase public and private research funding and ensure access to care. Every November GO2 Foundation For Lung Cancer holds Shine a Light on Lung Cancer events across the United States to support a broader message of lung cancer awareness. This is their 11th year and more than 200 separate Shine a Light Events will be held across the country. Find an event near you

These events take place at local healthcare facilities and include:

  • Healthcare experts discussing the latest trends and advancements in lung cancer
  • Inspiring stories from lung cancer survivors and caregivers
  • Opportunity to connect with a local community of lung cancer patients, survivors and caregivers to share experiences and memories
  • Find information and resources no matter what stage of lung cancer a patient is in
  • Opportunity to ask healthcare professionals questions about treatment, coping with side effects, support groups and more.

Last year the GO2 Foundation connected 10,550 people touched by lung cancer. They continue to fight the world’s most deadly cancer by increasing awareness and funding research. At Thynk Health, we are big fans and encourage you to learn more at:

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